One thing I like most about what I do on these little squares is the opportunity to find new brands who go on to become part of my family’s day-to-day. @ALKIMI.uk is one of them, with a line of products I hope to throw a hefty heap of light on.

ALKIMI aren’t like any other cleaning brand (at least, not that I know of). They tick the boxes in so many important ways and I genuinely think they deserve to be shouted about, before taking pride of place in our cupboards at home. I’ve written a blog post with much more info than I’ll bombard you with here, but I will  just touch on a few pointers.

None of what features in this photo contain bleach; instead we’re talking eco-solvents that come from soya beans, mixed with essential oils and botanicals. Safe for hands, little ones, pets, you name it. Everything’s recyclable. Eco-friendly. Cruelty-free.

Made in a factory in Suffolk (where they even use harvested rain water from the roof in the manufacturing process). AND everything smells incredible.

Finally, and most importantly to stress, everything WORKS. Since mentioning ALKIMI, I’ve had messages to say ‘great on the environmental front, but am I going to be disappointed with the actual CLEANING?’ Truthfully – no, you won’t be. It’s JUST as good as the brands you can’t recycle/are packed with nasty ingredients.

If they had a mic, I’d fully support them in dropping it.

ALKIMI are currently stocked on Amazon, Ocado and in Booths Stores across the UK.

4th March 2019 | Testimonials

Susie Verill