I have become very conscious and obsessed with making my life, my kids life……MORE ECO ☘in all that we do. Including CLEANING! THE MAJORITY of household cleaning supplies are FILLED with chemicals that we breathe in and even ingest…?I truly believe that I, as a consumer and mom of 4 kids ??whom I want to keep healthy – have a responsibility to search out products that are eco, clean and actually work! So……
Introducing ALKIMI – a range of awesome non-toxic cleaning products, powered by science and nature which actually get the job done!? works by harnessing naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients (including botanicals and essential oils) and fusing these with powerful eco-solvents derived from soya beans (who knew!) to produce bleach free formulations which powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.?? The range is available right now @amazonuk (by the case) and comes to @boothscountry and other national retailers very soon! ?? Head to my stories for more or click the link in my bio to get see how you can keep your cleaning SAFE. xxJulie ?
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9th August 2018 | Testimonials

Julie Montagu

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